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Floral design, Hand Block printed with natural dyes Dabu fabric is designed to a comfortable cut, feminine fit shirt!

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Floral design, Hand Block printed with natural vegetable colours (Dabu fabric) is designed for a feminine fit. A second fabric in the same colour shades is added to the side panels, few inches shorter in length. Upcycle colour fabric pieces adds an new dimension to the hemline in the shirt. Eco friendly coconut shell buttons completes the natural feel of the garment !
Each garment is designed, manually cut and individual stitched in D’art Creations’ studio.

For at least 400 years, Bagru has been home to the Chhipa — a clan whose name comes either from a Gujarati word meaning “to print” or from combining two Nepal Bhasa words: ‘chhi’ (“to dye”) and ‘pa’ (“to leave something to bask in sun”). The latter theory feels especially true as you walk through the vast communal drying fields that connect the Chhipa Mohalla —the village printers’ quarters. The air here is redolent with the fragrance of drying fabric; The ground and the concrete walls are covered in resplendent oranges, blues, and pinks.

For regular hand block printing, a printer first dips the wooden printing block in the dye tray before pounding the centre of the block onto the fabric with his or her fist. The pattern is repeated, aligning the blocks by eye.

Traditional Bagru prints use dark (or coloured) patterns on cream or dyed backgrounds. Another style, called dabu, creates light-coloured motifs on a dark background using mud-resist printing. There are also items made with discharge printing, using citric acid on grey alum dye.

Blues are made from Indigofera tinctoria, stored in dye vats 10 to 12 feet deep. Different hues of red colors (begar) are created by mixing varying proportions of alum (fitkari), madder (lal mitti) and acacia arabica (also called babul gond). Alum is used for greys and syahi (fermented waste iron, jaggery, and water) for blacks.

Bagru prints use these natural designs, but also incorporate geometric shapes — such as leher (waves), chaupad (checks), and kangura (triangles), and jaali — a gridded trellis pattern which may have been adapted from Islamic architecture. Adapting these motifs to contemporary fashion requires added precision

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