About The Designer

“Fashion and Art has a strong influence on the individual and society at large, thus emerges a sustainable future for the craft and “textile industry”

“Design is not what it looks.... Design is how it works and Feels”

Usha Subrahmanya, an artist, activist, designer and an entrepreneur, all summed up in her being. She’s the founder and creative head of D’art Creations. Her work experience from 1983 ranges in different design areas such as illustrator for “Champa”, children’s magazine; bathroom, kitchen tiles and bone China crockery in “Hitkari Potteries”; silks and Saris in “Vichitra Saris”, collections for trade fairs for both national n international markets under late Mr. Martand Singh and designer Rakesh Thakore, interior projects for hotels and resorts; heading design studios in export houses, to name a few.

D’art Creations was conceptualised in 2005, thanks to the group of the Lambani Gypsy crafts women who persuaded Usha Subrahmanya asking for guidance and training in needle craft to help contribute to their livelihoods.

D’art Creations brings in the Indian flavour to “Life”, homes and individuals, with threads and needle work, fabrics and accessories; keeping in mind the trends, styles and finishings of the product so as to appeal to the art loving community around the globe. A style that appeals to youth and those young at heart, connecting to Mother Earth. Reviving self and the craft, redesigning the age old gypsy tradition of handcraft and hand embroidery so as to reach a wider section of craft lover.

Each and every product is designed in-house, individually cut and manually tailored in D’art Creations studio with total love and care and in limited editions.
The collections speak of the passion, hard work, commitment and talent that has gone behind; resulting in unique signature editions.

Have a product of D’art Creations for your home and wardrobe; help preserve indigenous Indian ‘art n crafts’, and their craftsmen, crafts women and the craftsmanship.

A Designer communicates with her designs, it’s the language that impacts!